Our team comprise of researchers with diverse backgrounds: from physicists to engineers. We are a vibrant and dynamic group where people with different skills work towards a common objective.

Publications Highlights

Nature Photonics, 2020
We showed a robust terahertz wave transport on a silicon chip using the valley Hall topological phase. Error-free communication is achieved at a data rate of 11 Gbit s-1, enabling real-time transmission of uncompressed 4K high-definition video. [DOI]

Nature Communications, 2018
We showed for the first time an experimental realization of multiple-input-output states in a CMOS compatible MEMS metamaterial performing composite logic gate operations using two electrical inputs and a THz readout beam. [DOI]

Nature Communications, 2018
We proposed a simple thin film multi-layer stack to demonstrate a point of darkness and phase singularity to develop a sensitive biosensor. [DOI]

Advanced Material, 2018
Optical switching of Ge based flexible metaphotonic device shows ultrafast modulation of Fano and dipole resonances with a full recovery time of 17 ps. [DOI]

Light: Science & Applications, 2018
A hybrid metasurface was proposed for all-optical active control of terahertz waves integrated with patterned semiconductor inclusions. [DOI]

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