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NTU Physics Challenge 2023

22 July   |   9:30am — 4:00pm


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What is the NTU Physics Challenge?

The NTU Physics Challenge is an annual physics challenge for pre-university students, organised by the Division of Physics and Applied Physics at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

The difficulty level is aimed at JC2 (or equivalent) students preparing for the A-levels (or equivalent). Participation in this challenge offers a great opportunity to meet fellow students who are passionate about physics, tour one of the best physics institutions in Asia (and around the world), test your physics knowledge, and learn more about new and interesting topics in physics!

Programme Overview

The NTU Physics Challenge 2023 will take place on 22 July 2023, from morning to the early afternoon. It will be held at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) building in NTU's Yunnan Campus.

A Physics test will be conducted in the morning. This is a challenging multiple-choice physics test, mostly following the syllabus of the Cambridge A-Level examinations, but also including a few more advanced questions. The test provides a great opportunity to test your preparation for the JC prelim exams and A-levels, and scoring well can net you valuable book prizes!

The afternoon Programme consists of physics lectures and demonstrations. We will challenge you with interesting physics questions, and explain the underlying physics with videos and live demonstrations. There will also be talks introducing topics at the latest frontiers of physics research, such as astrophysics, the physics of semiconductor electronics, superconductivity, and more.

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Who is eligible?

The NTU Physics Challenge is opened to students enrolled in secondary schools, junior colleges, or other tertiary institutes in Singapore between Sec 4 and JC2 levels or equivalent.

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