Research Interests

  • Error Correction Codes

    Coding theory is primarily concerned with the successful transmission of information over a noisy channel. Traditionally, a communications channel is modelled by the binary symmetric channel or the binary erasure channel. While these channels may be inadequate to describe evolving communication systems, many classical concepts and methods can be adapted to address new issues.

  • Power Line Communications

    Power Line Communications (PLC) is a technology that enables the transmission of data over electrical power lines. However, the PLC channel characteristics are harsh and peculiar to this channel is the presence of narrowband noise, which results in the presence of a particular frequency over a prolonged period of transmission.

  • Combinatorial Designs

    Combinatorial design theory concerns questions about whether it is possible to arrange elements of a finite set into subsets so that certain properties are satisfied. Not surprisingly we find correspondences between classes of codes and classes of combinatorial designs.

About Coding & Cryptography Research Group

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