IMS Program on Inverse Moment Problem, 18 November 2013 - 25 January 2014

Venue: Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) at National University of Singapore (NUS) Note the slight dates change!
Applications of moments of measures in polynomial optimization led to a number of breakthroughs in optimization and real algebraic geometry, as well as to better understanding of ways to encode measures. Other similar threads are recently seen in the theory of intergation on polytopes and counting of integer points in polytopes, as well as in quantum computing. The aim of the program is to futher investigate relations between these topics and inverse moment problems, i.e., questions of reconstructing measures from a set of its moments, which are traditionally attacked by purely analytic tools.

The organizing committee

Jean B. Lasserre (LAAS/CNRS, France), Monique Laurent (CWI, Amsterdam), Jesus De Loera (UC Davis), Mihai Putinar (NTU/UCSB), Dmitrii Pasechnik (co-chair, NTU Singapore), Sinai Robins (co-chair, NTU Singapore), Le Hai Khoi (NTU Singapore), Boris Shapiro (Stockholm Uni.), Stephanie Wehner (NUS, Singapore) Claus Scheiderer (Konstanz Uni.)

The event and its structure

Optimization, moment problems, and geometry I (conference/workshop/tutorials)   27 Nov 2013 - 06 Dec 2013
Quantum computing workshop (organized by S. Wehner) 08 Dec 2013 - 13 Dec 2013
Optimization, moment problems, and geometry II (conference/workshop)   16 Dec 2013 - 20 Dec 2013
Graduate winter school/workshop, 15 Dec 2013 - 27 Dec 2013
  featuring mini-courses by J.B. Lasserre, A. Leykin, S. Robins, J. Stoyanov  
  Funding available for overseas graduate students to participate
Polyhedra, lattices, algebra, and moments (conference/workshop/tutorials)  07 Jan 2014 - 16 Jan 2014

A tentative and incomplete list of senior overseas participants has over 100 names, some of them quite prominent.


The program is funded by IMS, and by grants from Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). We will be able to provide substantial funding (possibly including travel support) to many participants. We most welcome expressions of interests and requests for participation/funding.


Links to our papers and presentations

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