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:: Introduction ::
The construction of consensus genetic maps is a very challenging
problem in computational biology. Many computational approaches
have been proposed on the basis of only the marker order relations
provided by a given set of individual genetic maps. In this paper,
we propose a comparative approach to constructing consensus
genetic maps for a genome, which further takes into account the
order relations from a closely related genome when resolving
ordering conflicts among individual genetic maps. It aims to
retain as many order relations as possible from individual genetic
maps while achieving the minimum rearrangement distance to the
reference genome. We implement the proposed approach as an integer
linear program, and the implemented software is called ILPMap.
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   (Note that IBM ILOG CPLEX 12.1 is needed to run ILPMap.) 

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:: References ::
  • X. Chen and J. Yang. Constructing Consensus Genetic Maps in Comparative Analysis. Submitted.
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